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Budgeting Basics

Everyone begins at the beginning: setting up a plan for deciding in advance where and how to spend income and deciding how to use any excess for the benefit of self and family.

The first step in the process is to keep track of every penny spent for a brief period – usually one month. Next, choose what changes, if any, to make in future months.

Keeping track can be done through a bank account, with a special financial planning software, or a handwritten journal.

Once it is clear that a preferred pattern of spending and accumulation is in place it’s time to make it official with a system that will guide you in the future.

Your system can be as simple as using the envelope plan, a journal, assigning a category for every expense through your bank account, or use of financial planning software.

Financial Planners

Be your own planner. Use this template and the resources here. Start with looking at the tools and online banking support. 

In the current economy there is so much reduced demand for Certified Financial Planners and others of the type that the number of planners still in business has dwindled. Only the rich can afford them now.

 The rules of finance are the same for everyone. Learning and using the rules and the tools will work for you just as they have for millions over all the ages.

 The basics are all in the classic book, The Richest Man in Babylon. Written in story telling fashion, it is filled with wisdom and can be understood by children and adults of all ages. It is family friendly reading.  Find it in book, Kindle or Kindle for PC versions.

Wealth Without Worry will be your guide to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Take control of your financial destiny and get headed in the direction of your dreams.