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Hidden Treasure

Wealth Without Worry grew out of an understanding of what will work without needless work and worry. To best understand, consider this: 

   There is wealth which is unseen, will serve you well for a lifetime, and can never be taken from you, no matter what happens in the world.

  The knowledge you earn by your own personal study and experience is yours alone. Use it for the benefit of yourself and your family. 

  The classic guide for building your knowledge bank has been used successfully by millions before you. It is titled The Richest Man in Babylon. Your young children can read and learn from it. 

The book was written over 100 years before any of us ever heard of Iraq. 

Where to Begin

The best place to begin to build personal wealth for most people is right at work. And it’s often overlooked. 

  Get the right benefits for you and your family.

  Choose the right package for your needs and ability

  Maximize any employer contributions to plans

  Add any optional benefit which will help you

Get the best advice available, either at work or from benefit providers.

This is your lowest cost approach. Most of your planning has been done for you and professional advice is there for your taking. 

Just keep asking questions until you get it right. This is important stuff – get things set up to best suit you and your family, wherever you are in your working career. 

This is like giving yourself a raise without asking.